Journal of Advanced Health Care

Current Issue

Vol. 6 No. 2 (2024)
Published April 21, 2024

JAHC – Journal of Advanced Health Care is a free Open Access Journal sponsored by the National Federation of TSRM PSTRP Orders, from the full belief that professional growth must also be based on the carrying out scientific activities and their dissemination.
JAHC wants to become a "place" for meeting and exchanging experiences between researchers who carry out their activities in different fields with healthcare, diagnostic, rehabilitation, and prevention purposes.

Thanks to the opportunity offered by the "Fondazione Valetudo" and the TSRM and PSTRP Na-Av-Bn-Ce, a virtual space has been created that allows the realization of such an ambitious scientific project. All the manuscripts will be published in English, however, the submission of the works may also be requested in the Italian language for the printing of special editions. In Italy, inter-professional and multi-disciplinary scientific journals are not numerous. The aim is to promote a complete integration between the 18 professions that comprise the TSRM PSTRP Order.

Research Articles

Vincenzo Paolo Granato, Antonia Cangiano, Vincenzo Fuccillo
From perception to risk assessment in the food industry: creation and administration to workers of surveys relating to risk perception and comparison between perceived risk, assessed risk and INAIL accidents data
Vincenzo Alfano, Gianluca Granato, Antonello Mascolo, Salvatore Tortora, Luca Basso, Antonio Farriciello, Paolo Coppola, Michele Manfredonia, Fabrizio Toro, Alfredo Tarallo, Giovanni Moggio
Advanced neuroimaging techniques in the clinical routine: A comprehensive MRI case study
Emma Scarfato, Stefania Stile, Vincenzo Maiello, Giuseppe De Feo
The revolution of photon-counting CT towards new horizons of diagnostic imaging
Calogero Curatolo, Maria Chiara Amato
The patient positioning in the MR of the shoulder: advantages and disadvantages of the internal, external and neutral rotation of the arm
Alberto Bua, Luigi Umberto Collovà, Girolamo Verlanti
Investigating Clinical Risk Awareness in Speech Therapy Practice
Immacolata Filoso, Ivana Citro, Maria Rosaria Iacolare, Ida Monti, Nunzio Quinto, Giacomo Russo, Attilio Tortora, Lucio Marcello Falconio
Pharmacoeconomics and wound care. When therapeutic appropiateness and cost savings move in the same direction
Anna Bernadette Sorrentino, Laura Lin, Maria Rosaria Mennella, Immacolata Vivone, Giuseppe Scimone, Davide Di Gennaro
Technical and relational aspects in the radiotherapy path of pediatric patients with ependymoma.
Francesca Elia, Antonio Di Lascio, Gaetano Ungaro
Efficacy of Cone-Beam CT for the treatment of cerebral aneurysms with flow diverter
Immacolata Filoso, Luisa Gambocci, Maria Rosaria Iacolare, Francesco Lauro, Ida Monti, Nunzio Quinto, Gerardo Tesone, Domenico Addeo, Attilio Tortora, Lucio Marcello Falconio
Central Venous Catheter procedures performed at the outpatient clinics of San Giuliano Hospital of ASL Napoli 2 Nord with a brief overview of pharmacoeconomic evaluations on the procedure
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