Template for mapping and skills development to create a dossier for radiographers: experience in a single center.


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Morettini, N., Savi, C., De Rosa, A., Di Basilio, F., Federico, L., & Barsacchi, A. (2023). Template for mapping and skills development to create a dossier for radiographers: experience in a single center. Journal of Advanced Health Care, 4. Retrieved from https://www.jahc.it/index.php/jahc/article/view/230



Healthcare professionals working in healthcare organizations are crossed by processes of diversification of talents, cultures, needs and abilities that must be carefully identified and valued in an organized context of professional skills. For every modern healthcare organization it is important to have systems for mapping and monitoring skills and knowledge to enhance and develop human resources by adopting organizational changes with the aim of improving patient services.


 In the departments of Diagnostic Imaging and Oncological Radiotherapy of the ASL of Rieti, a skills mapping and monitoring project was created in order to exploit the needs (hired professional) and talents (newly hired professional) of each member of the team in the process of his training. This project has the need to develop and expand the specific "skills" of each operator, such as the knowledge, skills and abilities of the professional who represent the added value of the health service, of the services provided to patients which ultimately contribute to the improvement of the whole organization.

A specific Working Group was set up at the Department of Health Professions of the ASL of Rieti which analyzed the organizational context of the UOCs involved in the project, their branches and the services they provide. Specific focus groups were then created for the creation of Job Descriptions and responsibility matrices. Subsequently, the training needs were analyzed and finally the training file was drawn up for each individual professional. The training file has become the tool to direct and personalize the training of each individual member of the team.


The implementation of the skills mapping and monitoring project and the use of the training file has allowed us to adopt a new method and to create a dynamic document which, through periodic re-evaluations and updates, allows us to map the skills that are acquired over time by the radiographer and to allocate it according to his aptitudes and skills. The acquisition of new skills has allowed us to have more multidisciplinary professionals without affecting individual specificities and talents.


 The results achieved demonstrate how the creation of an individual training file for the healthcare professional, in addition to being an excellent incentive system for staff training, represents a valid tool for mapping and monitoring skills in a cyclical and continuous way, allowing the management to have every moment the real picture of the Human Resources deployed, of the skills and training gaps.

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