Sicurezza nei luoghi di lavoro,
infortuni sul lavoro
vigilanza nei luoghi di lavoro

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Araneo, P., Di Pasca, C., Cerra, A., Russo, A., & Vitagliano, G. (2021). JOB SECURITY: Promozione della cultura della sicurezza nei luoghi di lavoro . Journal of Advanced Health Care, 3(3).


In Italy accidents in the workplace are still too many and the measures taken in the past several years have
not brought the results that were expected, actually, INAIL data indicate that complaints about accidents and illness in the workplace are increasing. In Italy fatal accidents are greatly on the rise especially in the region of Campania where the increase has been frightening. Health and safety inspection in the workplace and identification of responsibility for serious and deadly accidents on the job have indicated that the identification of risks and the effort to eliminate and/or reduce these risks and the measures put into place for employees to avoid them are mostly formal and unsubstantial because of a low awareness of the dangers and the harm these perils can cause. This is due to a low awareness and ineffective information and training. It must also be pointed out that Italian legislation is always changing and the law is often incomprehensible and it doesn’t arrive to the interested parties in a timely fashion. It is important to adopt important and effective instruments of communication, formation and information about safety in the workplace and that it reaches the most number of people as possible involved in work safety. In recent years the means of communication have transformed radically thanks to new technologies and information always travels faster on the web, social networks, smartphone applications, tablets, computers 2 which thanks to global networks permit flexibility into accessing information and bringing down the time space barriers. In the 14th Census Report on communication in Italy (published Oct.4, 2017)

> 75% of Italians access and get information via internet and the number is even higher amongst young adults which is 90.5%;

> The total number of Italians who use their smartphones daily is 69.9% and 89.3 are young people;

> About half of the Italian population use social networks and popular instant messaging platforms such as Twitter (13.6%), Facebook (56.2%), WhatsApp (67,5% which basically coincide with people who use smartphones) and YouTube (79.6%).

It is important that communication uses these newest instruments of information effectively, since they are instantaneous and timely with respect to the traditional forms of communication used before such as books, magazines, conferences and seminars. In addition it is necessary to improve an effective safety plan on a national and regional level with an integration of a simple system of support which is immediate with easy consultation for various key players to prevent accidents on the job (such as employers, managers, appointed personnel, RSPP, RLS, employees, security staff and consultants). The main purpose of this would be to elevate awareness and information on laws pertaining to safety in the workplace. The idea would be to propose a web-app for mobile devices (smartphone, tablet, pc) which enables communication for those interested all the information useful in improving safety in the places of work and prevent accidents through a collection of texts, guide lines, updated legislation, video awareness, informative video-courses on safety and job specific duties. The objective is to provide an instrument of communication which guarantees clear, comprehensive information which is easily accessible and ready to use in any moment or place. The idea is to create a mobile application which is available for all mobile devices, free download,
which should have the following characteristics:

> User-friendly interface for different topics;

> Research with key words;

> Consultation of existing legislation; > Real time notification with “push notifications” with updates of laws and/or documents. This type of instant messaging reaches the user without he/she having to do research because the information will be automatically seen by the app;

> Easy access to institutional websites such as ASL, INAIL, ITL, VV.FF., Department of Labor and Social Politics, etc;

> Chats for sharing information and experiences.The possibility to share information on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and on the instant messaging platform Whatsapp.

This notably expands the amount of users and renders accessible information to everyone even those who have not downloaded the app. and it will promote that same app;

> The documentation on the apps. will provide sources of official websites such as that of the Region of Campania, INAIL, Department of Labor and Social Politic, Department of Health, ASL and others;

> The app will connect directly to a website dedicated to the relative pages of social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram;

Naturally, to use the device, an Internet connection will be necessary but there will not be any need for registration or login to make it easier to access. It should be noted that this instrument is not intended to substitute traditional channels of communication, but rather integrate and work together with them and guarantee more accurate and in-depth information.
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