The use of EBM among the rehabilitation professionals of the Campania Region
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Verlanti , G. (2020). The use of EBM among the rehabilitation professionals of the Campania Region. Journal of Advanced Health Care, 2(5).


A Scientific Research is carried out through various scientific studies based on the observation of specific populations.
This form of research is known as epidemiology and has been used for centuries mainly in the field of public health.
In close connection with the science and research, there is rehabilitation which represents a constantly evolving
discipline. By its very nature is not able to demonstrate nor produce undisputed absolute truths, rather it checks
consistently and as best as possible hypotheses on the different aspects of the given method and when necessary he
questions himself by rewiewing theories in the light of the new data and observations. The Professional, therefore,
with the insertion of Scientific knowledge in his own clinical practice ,is called to ask himself a clinical question and
to search for answers through a critical analysis on the use of such evidence. The main purpose of the work was to
investigate the relationship between rehabilitation professionals and Scientific Research by identifying positive and
negative factors and possible solutions to the findings. The methods of data collection has allowed a high adhesion
by the rehabilitation professionals of the Campania Region. The data collected allowed to identify a profile of the
professionals claiming to have conducted a postgraduate research study. Furthermore It was possible to identify the
perceived and critical issues in daily practice such as lack of incentives and poortraining on how Scientific Research
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