Thyroid pathologies in nuclear medicine
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thyroid scintigraphy
metabolic radiotherapy
iodine scan 131

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Barone , S., Pagliuso , L., & Pagliuso , S. (2021). Thyroid pathologies in nuclear medicine. Journal of Advanced Health Care, 3(2).


The presented work describes the thyroid pathologies and the nuclear-medical diagnostic approach, in order to
obtain a differential diagnosis and the monitoring of various neoplasms; specifically, it describes the importance of
radiometabolic treatment with iodine 131, after thyroidectomy surgery.
Through a study conducted in patients suffering from thyroid disease, undergoing metabolic radiotherapy, it is shown
that, with equal distribution of radioiodine, uptake with at least 3700 MBq of therapeutic dose is obtained. All this
can be seen through the whole body scintigraphic framework, obtained through the use of the double-headed gamma
camera with collimators for high emission energies.
Radiometabolic treatment is effective in patients with a high risk of relapse, while radioiodine treatment is not
recommended in low-risk patients
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