Polymechanos ghenos – The fate of the cybernetic west, between technology and humanities


digital revolution
Big Data Analytics
Therapeutic techniques

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Di Trapani, G., & Tafuri , R. M. (2021). Polymechanos ghenos – The fate of the cybernetic west, between technology and humanities. Journal of Advanced Health Care, 3(3). https://doi.org/10.36017/jahc202133182


After a wide-ranging exploration of the critical issues triggered by the digital revolution, we intend to analyze benefits
and contradictions of school culture and educational system: the theme is examined with pedagogical tools, along
with the interpretative model of epistemological demystification.
Moreover, the grafting of a digital mindset in the therapeutic models developed for autism spectrum disorders has
included, in fact, the purchase of a divergent gaze on the etiopathogenesis of the abovementioned syndrome, which
we propose to define as a peculiar manifestation of neurological biodiversity.
Finally, the same cybernetic-computational vision ensures a preponderant role in the increasingly hegemonic
affirmation of the commodity-form and can be intended as a key to unambiguously understand the globalized world,
by means of economic profiling made available by the paradigm of Big Data Analytics

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