The role of home radiology in a post-earthquake mountain environment, the possible example of Amatrice
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24 August 2016
central Italy earthquake
Diagnostic Imaging
F. Grifoni Hospital
Asl Rieti
P.A.S.S. (socio-health assistance point)
home radiology
S.A.E. (emergency housing solutions)
SWOT matrix
cost / effectiveness analysis
breakeven point

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Sanesi , E., Casalino , P., Ferrazza , A., Fossati , P., Del Signore , E., Corradetti , A., & Casciani , M. G. (2020). The role of home radiology in a post-earthquake mountain environment, the possible example of Amatrice. Journal of Advanced Health Care, 2(5).


Following the earthquake of August 24, 2016 that hit Central Italy, the only hospital in the Amatriciana valley represented by F. Grifoni, was closed due to its unusability. Subsequently, the ASL of Rieti, in support with the Lazio Region
and the National Civil Protection, in 2017 to make up for this deficiency, created a PASS (socio-health assistance
point) with also a diagnostic image for the needs. of the First Aid h12, not including outpatient radiological examinations to the many inhabitants who have decided, with stubbornness and tenacity, not to abandon these magnificent
villages. Precisely for the sense of self-denial and gratitude to these lands, which also welcomed some of us (Enrico,
Emanuele, Alessandro) as TSRM professionals within the Amatrician hospital, we decided together with other colleagues to collaborate and create an innovative project of health revival. Using a SWOT matrix and a cost / effectiveness
analysis, we have designed a home radiology service capable of delivering diagnostic tests to the entire community
which has a mountain area of 174 km2, 69 hamlets and a high old age index among the population.
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