Experimental tutoring project: from guidelines to clinical practice
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Trans-skill competence
Clinical reasoning

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Calabrese , M., Palumbo , R., Garofano , M., Lauro , M. C., De Simone , E., Alfano , A., & Vecchione , C. (2020). Experimental tutoring project: from guidelines to clinical practice. Journal of Advanced Health Care, 2(5). https://doi.org/10.36017/jahc20202593


Promote interdisciplinary tutoring activities in order to teach students how to work in team developing trans-skill
competences. Actively involve patients in the construction and management of the assistential and rehabilitative
activities to improve adherence and compliance. At Salerno University an experimental pedagogy project involved
third-year students attending the Degree Course in Physiotherapy, Nursing, and the fifth year of Medicine, who performed a professionalized clinical internship at the Complex Operative Unit (UOC) of Cardiac Rehabilitation (CR),
University Hospital “San Giovanni di Dio Ruggi d’Aragona” in Salerno. We divided students (60) and patients (100)
in two groups, experimental and control one, each of them composed by 30 students and 50 cardio-operated patients.
Patients are entrusted to an interdisciplinary team of tutors and students, guided by a team-leader chosen in rotation
between students. After defining the patient’s need for care and rehabilitation, customized programs were designed,
encouraging an active participation of the patient. We gave a self-assessment questionnaire to students for learned
skill assessment and a rating scale for adherence and compliance evaluation to patients. Clinical internship has favoured the construction of relationship between students of the various disciplines who learned to dialogue together
about the centrality of the patient. This experience has favoured a real change in the lifestyle of patients. We hope that
this modality can be used also in other UOC involving a raising number of students, tutors, and patients since the
modern literature has also concluded that integrated didactic is an inescapable necessity

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