Functional imaging diagnostic decentralization idea
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Sirocchi , L., Sirocchi , A., Perrone , L., & Di Prete , G. (2020). Functional imaging diagnostic decentralization idea: Home imaging diagnostic project. Journal of Advanced Health Care, 2(5).


Home imaging diagnostic means: a service to satisfy the needs of all those who, for many reasons, have to do radiographs and ultrasounds at home or in private care istitutions which got no imaging system. Examples: patients with
severe diseases(accidents, after surgery outcome), cronich disease or locomotor system disorders (ex. spine disorders), affected by cardiorespiratory diseases or,also, the ones who cannot move.
So,in the next future, we can see the healtcare facility critical importance for this service, it must be programmed.
Now, to activate home diagnotic imaging (hospital or private health care provider), all the criteria is analysed.
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