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Cimmino , O., Giamundo , V., Carbonaro , D., & FalconioLucio , M. (2021). Organizational model in first AID: The Coordinator, professional guide for the organization and management of assistance, in relation to the design, drafting and introduction of the nursing record. Journal of Advanced Health Care, 3(3).


The reason why we have undertaken this type of work comes from having become aware of the profound state of
discomfort experienced, and therefore it is possible to find the strength to take the real path, overcoming the current
patterns, which unfortunately, still see the profession . for homework.
The multicentre study, carried out on the topic of Nursing Records, significantly accelerates the timing of this historic
step, so that the culture of innovation, creativity and change is enhanced and embraced.
Analyzing the nursing work situation, I noted the need together with a group of colleagues and a coordinator, belonging to the same Hospital, to propose the inclusion of an innovative Nursing Record, so that a professional contribution was formed by the staff nursing and, from this, the activation of multidisciplinarity and, at the same time, the
recognition of the usefulness of the role of the nursing figure and of the valid collaboration within the health team
took off.
The working group was formed on a specific project, focused on the design and drafting of the Nursing Record, an
operational tool designed and managed by the nurse (in collaboration with the coordinator), used to collect useful
information regarding each patient individually.
This tool was indispensable for the elaboration of an assistance plan that takes into account the social, cultural and
welfare context in which it is developed, guaranteeing the continuity of services.
Since it appears necessary for a Nursing Record to be built by the team , the need arises to have common indications
regarding its design and drafting.
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