The Groupal Device: Value And Usage In Neuro And Psychomotor Therapy Of Developmental Age
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Groupal Device
Developmental age
Social Development

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Cerroni , F., Carotenuto , M., Bonifacio , A., Della Corte , G., Nocerino , L. C., Martino , F., … Albano , P. A. (2022). The Groupal Device: Value And Usage In Neuro And Psychomotor Therapy Of Developmental Age. Journal of Advanced Health Care, 4(4).


The group represents the social element in which every individual can experience themselves after the achievement of
the main stages of the neuro-psychomotor development, particularly in the affective-relational, neuropsychological
and cognitive areas, and is thus identified as a fundamental device to support rehabilitation therapy.
Early in a child’s development, social skills begin to maturate and their development pathway merges with different
groups with a specific architecture which modifies and increases these skills over time. As a result, it is necessary to
identify the process that leads from the exclusive belonging to the family-group to the need to prioritize comparison
with peers to finally arrive at the interdependent social groups in the collectivity/community. Each group has distinct
characteristics that move from its social dimension to the cross-sectional component of its matrix, where individuals’
desires and beliefs are based. The group’s evolution will allow the initial dimensional plan to be expanded, resulting
in participants sharing intentions and goals. The group is a powerful tool at the therapist’s disposal who is capable
of monitoring variables that can quickly change the intra/interpersonal dynamics of patients undergoing treatment.
The groupal therapy underlies clear rules within it, which ensure the observance of normative and setting parameters
and the identification of the parameters of effectiveness to assess its progress
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