COVID-19 in interventional radiology: management of the angiography room
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Nieri , I., & Dore , A. (2022). COVID-19 in interventional radiology: management of the angiography room. Journal of Advanced Health Care, 4(3).


One of the most significant challenges that the COVID-19 pandemic has created is the intervetional radiology
practice. In order to guarantee the best patient care and avoid contamination of the operators, it was necessary to
carry out specific management of the complex angiographic rooms.
This work aims to guide healthcare professionals in the safe execution of interventional radiology procedures on
COVID-19 patients using suitable management strategies, guidelines and recommendations available, creating an
appropriate work environment.
Research and revision work, targeted at COVID-19 patients, made use the main scientific literature databases of
guidelines and scientific articles promoted or edited by international scientific societies.
After identifying and separating the pathways for infected patients and defining the dressing and undressing areas
of the operators, a check-list was created to prepare the angiographic room and the surrounding spaces. The setup includes removal of all non-essential mobile devices for the expected procedure and preparation of the sterile
angiographic table with the necessary material and drugs. It is also necessary placement of containers for infected
waste inside the room; cover of contrast injector, angiographic controls and patient monitoring devices; finally
covering with clean sheets everything that cannot be moved. The standardization of operating procedures, staff
training and the analysis of critical issues encountered lay the foundations for definition of best practices adaptable
to different work environments.
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