Role of diagnostic imaging in diagnosis by Covid-19
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diagnostic imaging
radiographic examination

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Coda , M., Sica , F., Finelli , M., & Sica , A. M. (2020). Role of diagnostic imaging in diagnosis by Covid-19. Journal of Advanced Health Care, 2(5).


The diagnosis from Covid-19 provides the set of several examinations such as: clinical examinations, laboratory
examinations, radiographic examinations. Using radiological imaging, RX and chest CT, it is possible to evaluate
the impairment of lung function and thanks to this aspect it is possible to define the severity and clinical conditions
of the patient. In this way, it allows timely therapeutic intervention especially if the patient shows a mild condition in
such a way as to avoid the onset of further complications. Chest X-rays allow both an initial assessment of patients
and the possibility to perform a differential diagnosis towards other possible causes of lung parenchyma involvement.
The CT scan, which highlights the peculiar characteristics of COVID pneumonia, is performed both as diagnostic
confirmation and in the patient’s follow-up.
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