Evaluation of staff in Healthcare Companies
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Legge Brunetta
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Troncone , R., & Coda , M. (2020). Evaluation of staff in Healthcare Companies. Journal of Advanced Health Care, 2(2). https://doi.org/10.36017/jahc20202265


Evaluation is at the basis of any social context where all individuals are simultaneously “evaluated” and “evaluators” in all areas of daily life. The goal of a good evaluation system is to encourage staff to do “Good Health”
through the provision of quality prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation services. The main reasons that
lead to the evaluation of the personnel lie in the inevitable and primary importance of the human resource in achieving the corporate objectives, and by the pressing need for the quality of the service provided to the citizen, as well as
the legitimate need of the employee to differentiate, clarifying its specificities and its own individual contribution to
the general objectives of the company. In the working context, the “personnel evaluation” assumes a fundamental
importance, if managed with the right criteria, in order to make the employee not a simple pawn to move and manage
for use and consumption of the organization, but an integral part of the organization itself.

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