Pharmacoeconomics and wound care. When therapeutic appropiateness and cost savings move in the same direction


exhibited pressure ulcers (Ldp)
silver sulfadiazine cream
silver sulfadiazine spray
secondary lesion

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Filoso, I., Citro, I., Iacolare, M. R., Monti, I., Quinto, N., Russo, G., … Falconio, L. M. (2024). Pharmacoeconomics and wound care. When therapeutic appropiateness and cost savings move in the same direction. Journal of Advanced Health Care, 6(2).


In the year 2019, 121 patients were admitted to the Casavatore Hospice. All patients, upon admission, exhibited pressure ulcers (Ldp) in both stages I and II. A portion of the patients with stage II ulcers were treated with advanced dressings containing micronized silver (20 patients), resulting in a regression of the ulcer to stage I. Subsequently, they were treated with topical application of silver sulfadiazine cream until complete healing of the lesion. Patients who did not have favorable indications for the application of such treatment were treated with Sofargen cream (60 patients), nonetheless preventing the worsening of the stage of the pressure ulcer. Patients with stage I ulcers (41 patients) were treated daily with silver sulfadiazine spray, which still contributed to the prevention of secondary lesions associated with immobility.

The objective of managing pressure ulcers in bedridden or terminal patients has been fully achieved within dignified care times and, above all, with reduced company costs.

As a final result, considering the current prices for both dressings and the specific drug, we achieved an economic savings exceeding 35%, highlighting how it is possible to implement, in various aspects and situations, important yet simple care approaches while respecting therapeutic appropriateness and patient compliance.
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