Viscero-somatic integration: new therapeutic proposals through integrated thermal cures (CIT)
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Neurological Rehabilitation

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Barassi , G., Irace , G., di Iulio , A., Di Stefano , G., Di Simone , E., Mariani , C., … di Iorio , A. (2021). Viscero-somatic integration: new therapeutic proposals through integrated thermal cures (CIT). Journal of Advanced Health Care, 3(2).


Traditional thermal medicine, gold standard for some pathologies, focuses its therapeutic target mainly on a sectorial
level, focusing only on the pathological symptom and neglecting man as a whole.
The importance of the whole, of the phenomena of systemic, viscero-somatic and somato-visceral interrelation, has
led to the creation of a new approach called “CTI” - Integrated Thermal Care, which uses all the thermal therapies,
integrated and administered according to the individual needs to enhance their therapeutic effect.
235 subjects have received, on average, 40 treatments within about a year. They were treated with hydropinic
treatment, inhalation treatments, hydrokinesitherapy, vascular pathways, mud therapy and manual neuromuscular
therapy associated with the previous treatments.
The results obtained in all the FIM, VAS, TINETTI, EUROQOL scales are positive and statistically significant, which
suggests that a modification of the treatment protocols, which provides for a unique and integrated stimulation, is the
new objective of thermal medicine for serious disabilities.
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