Vibrations and spasticity
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Muscle Spasticity
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Supplizi , M., Barassi, G., Visciano , C. P., Zincani , V., Di Iulio , A., Marangi , M., … Di Iorio , A. (2021). Vibrations and spasticity. Journal of Advanced Health Care, 3(1).


This experimental study aims to evaluate and validate the effectiveness of the proposed application method in the use of “focused mechanical vibrations” for the treatment of muscle spasticity. The basic concept of this study is that in spasticity, by specifically stimulating some clearly identifiable trigger points of the body, better results are obtained; in fact, with the localized mechanical-sound  vibrations, by positioning the handpiece for the treatment on those specific points, immediate generalized relaxation of the  entire spastic muscle is obtained through reflex pathways. To evaluate this operative reality we treated 5 subjects affected by  neurological pathology with spasticity and at T0 time (before treatment) and at T1 time (immediately after treatment), they were  assessed with Ashworth Scale, Passive joint evaluation, Evaluation of active motility, Test of Bahkta (for non-functioning hand), surface  electromyography The subjects were treated with a 120Hz vibratory therapy handpiece for a total time of 15 minutes The data showed  us a clear improvement of the parameters lost in the exam, in the less serious patients and a good improvement also in the most  serious subjects.
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