Integrated rehabilitation in chronic pain
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Chronic Pain
Manual Therapy
Magnetic Field Therapy

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Younes , A., & Barassi , G. (2020). Integrated rehabilitation in chronic pain. Journal of Advanced Health Care, 2(2).


A rehabilitation protocol has been developed at the Rehabilitation and Rehabilitation Physiotherapy Center, University of Chieti-Pescara, which provides for the combined use of Frems, Manual Therapy and Cyclotronic Bioresonance
on patients with chronic pain.
Chronic pain management represents one of the most important health challenges of the 21st century. According to
surveys, it is estimated that one in five Europeans suffers from it and that 26% of the Italian population is affected by
this pathological status, to the point of believing its treatment has become a priority for our national health system.
Pain - which is nothing but one of the symptomatic manifestations of the disease, therefore a consequence of a preexisting / previous pathological state - represents one of the main discomforts as regards the life of patients, being, in
this perspective, the due to a significant deterioration in the quality of the same. Improper or absent pain management
creates significant physical, psychological and social effects; moreover, considering the lost working days, it can also
have an important economic impact.
The identification of a therapeutic model capable of guaranteeing effective analgesic treatment for the population is
certainly a crucial objective, which can only be achieved through a better preparation of the medical profession, as
well as promoting the creation of appropriate service networks, aimed at involve all health professionals.
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