The use of support ultrasound as a working tool for the physiotherapist a review of the literature
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rehabilitative ultrasound imaging
ultrasound imaging

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Collebrusco , L., & Zualdi, L. (2021). The use of support ultrasound as a working tool for the physiotherapist a review of the literature. Journal of Advanced Health Care, 3(2).


Narrative Review. Background: The use of ultrasound to assess muscle morphology and guide rehabilitation
decisions has recently developed; this approach has called Rehabilitative Ultrasound Imaging (RUSI). The modern
physiotherapist in light of the new legislative regulations, law n.24 of 8 March 2017, law n.3 of 11 January 2018,
may have new skills exclusively support use. Objective: evaluate the material present in the literature regarding the
reliability of the measurement through the ultrasound image for rehabilitation use, the possible use in the functional
evaluation and treatment through ultrasound biofeedback and training strategies for the use in the clinical practice
with uses, benefits and limitations and skills. Methods: Literature searches given in the Medline, PubMed and Pedro
databases for the past 20 years. Non-English articles were exclude. The selection of the articles carried out based on
the reading of the title, abstract and full text, and the inclusion of related articles. Results: The review produced 81
articles, 23 excluded for the title, 14 excluded for abstract. After having read the full test of the 44 remaining articles,
16 excluded because they were not relevant in the discussion of the work, in addition, 7 articles included as related
articles, totals of 35 reviewed articles. Conclusions: Despite the many difficulties due to the heterogeneity of the
studies, from the data that emerged from the review future research, have to examine and validate in more detail the
protocols of the RUSI for to create shared training standards, guidelines and good clinical practices
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